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January 20 -22, 2017
January 26- 29, 2017
Thurs-Sat 8pm & Sun 2pm

The New York Times calls Urinetown "hilarious!" Directed by another first time SLOC director, Marc Christopher, SLOC's first show of 2017 filled with laughs is sure to please.

A 20-year drought has caused a terrible water shortage forcing a government ban on private toilets. Anyone caught going anywhere other than the pay-as-you-go abodes, owned and operated by the Urine Good Company, will be sent to the dreaded and mysterious Urinetown. Hero Bobby Strong, played by SLOC veteran Matthew Dembling (The Producers, HAIR), urges the town to revolt. But he finds a small detour... Bobby falls for the CEO of Urine Good Company's daughter, Hope Cladwell, played by Allison McArdle. This crowd-pleasing satire, reminding us it's a "Privilege to Pee" but to "Follow Your Heart," has romance as well as comedy.

The 2001 Tony Award ® winner for Best Book of a Musical and Best Original Score proved to be a huge audience favorite. Sixteen years later it proves to still be a relevant satire of the legal system, capitalism, bureaucracy, and corporate corruption. If politics isn't what traditionally draws you to musical theatre, then come see the show that also wonderfully spoofs The Cradle Will Rock, The Threepenny Opera, Les Miserable, and the Broadway musical format itself.

Also starring Christine Meglino, last seen as SLOC's Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, as Little Sally; Leslie Eliashuk as Penelope Pennywise; and James Alexander as Lockstock. The creative team is rounded out by Trish Dembling, fresh off her turn choreographing Footloose, returning as choreographer; musical director Adrienne Sherman; assistant director Michael Camelo; and producer Jill Ross

Production Staff

Director: Marc Christopher
Producer: Jill Ross
Music Director: Adrienne Sherman
Assistant Director: Michael Camelo
Choreographer: Trish Dembling
Stage Manager: Jessica “JJ” Paul
Lighting Design: Greg Ruscinski
Sound Design: Bob Healey
Costume Design: Kody Carpenter
Set Design: Adam Coons
Prop: Jessica “JJ” Paul
Scenic Painting: Marc Christopher

urinetown cast